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Comments (10)

A little too chaotic for my taste (I prefer disco).
But nice, the sound is good.

Thanks for feedback :D yeah, I write with havoc its true. I just get bored otherwise :P Compliments mean much :D

I don't trust shortened urls, and especially not when they link directly to files!!!!
But i risked it for you. I'll report back once i've listened to it.

Thanks! :D:D:D I am very gratefuls :)

1. Mammoth
Well i certainly see what Miyan was saying about chaotic! Nice and varied song structure, never knew what was coming next and there was never a dull moment. I'm not a huge fan of wobble bass in general, but you kept it fun and mixed it with various crazy synths so it was bearable. I think the mixing/mastering is a little of throughout, the panning is sometimes too extreme and the drums don't sit in the mix properly.
Love the start, and the synth that almost sounds like someone screaming. Wasn't expecting vocals so that was nice, however at times they were so quite I couldn't hear the lyrics. The drop at 1:15 was great and definitely needs to be listened to full volume :P I feel this song was lacking in progression though, it was practically all out all the way through. Again the mixing is a little weird and it's hard to know what i'm supposed to be focusing on. The elements almost compete rather than work together.
3. Falling
This ones a little more housey i guess? I like the chord progression and the vocal samples. At semi breakdown (1:30) you could have experimented with silence a little more. Silence can be more dramatic than loud noises at times! Again i find the ridiculous bass wobbles a little off putting, couldn't this piece have been a little more... relaxed? A nice moment to chill in the madness of this album? It might have been a nice contrast to the other songs.
4. Live the life
Funky piano! This one immediately had me bobbing my head. The vst for the brass sounded pretty poor, very synthetic. This one felt the most random in it's samples and cuts, at times it felt like i was being bombarded with a bunch of unrelated noises. one after the other! Probably my least favorite of the album.
5. Rise!
"rice rice rice". I'm digging the melody and counter melody and then BAM 1:25 I have a heart attack and die. You really like pushing it don't you! Very thick and full sounds, a little unexpected but that's fun. The 8-bitish sounds that join in add a much needed bit of melody to an otherwise quite percussive section. Quite enjoyable in it's rambunctiousness!
Overall: All in all pretty good for what it is. You've obviously spent some time on it and it shows. It's all quite rough and ready but that kept it interesting. I do think the album lacks progression though, and at least one quieter piece would have been nice.

Hahaha, thankyou very much for such a torough review :) Very much apppreciated :)

Disclaimer: I'm not a huge fan of the genre, and i don't know much about making music within it (or at all!). My comments are purely from a "listening and suggesting" perspective.

Sounds interesting. I might check it out. What do you use to create your music?

Thankyou :) All Logic Pro 8 ^.^

Downloaded it; recommend everyone else does too.

I'm AKACCMIOF, and I approve this message.

You graphics design?

Nah, that's my friend Karl Harris, visit him on irkuro.newgrounds.com breh :)

Come out with some more stuff.


Yo let's make a song about a worldwide uncurable rabies epidemic. It'll spread throughout the world and on the last verse we'll explain how it's now airborne and there's no hope for humanity. Wow I'm starting to become drunk.

This is the best drunk comment I've ever read.