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Posted by AKACCMIOF - January 3rd, 2009

Used to be fine!
I've seen us change but for worse,
Its not alright,
Its not a-oooooooooooooh!

All lyrics aside, why do the best bands always die first? Well, to quote Spilt Milk, "we did too many drugs, played too ew gigs, and so no one came". Its a friggin pity coz i remember supporting them live for four years in a row.

Posted by AKACCMIOF - December 11th, 2008

Whooooo! Saturday is going to kick ass! Me and my friend Will are djing a mixtape involving:

Paragon X9
Blink 182
Kitsune Maison
System of a down
Rage against the Machine
Jupiter Rising
I am X-RAY

But will everything go well? Is my nemesis Ant1-Rav3 going to make a guest appearance and kick over the decks, then shuffle out? Is Will going to have his drink spiked by Homosexual Rape Man, leaving me fending for myself against a hoard of angry ravers? WILL SATAN HIMSELF COME AND EAT THE VERY SOUL OF THE MUSIC? Only TIME will tell.........

Posted by AKACCMIOF - October 24th, 2008

Now, I'm not that much of an angry person, but recently I've noticed what it's like with the zero bombing on here, and it's just depressing! You submit anything, and immediately blam! You're, well, blammed! Of course, us NGAP artists have it pretty good, no blam!ing and that, but it still depresses me that I repost a song TWICE, it gets 4-5 TWICE, and suddenly drops to 2-3 TWICE!!!! Come on! Surely we're not all bastards! Aren't we? Well, to hear the song comment and ill e mail you it, coz I've had enough of zero bombers.

Posted by AKACCMIOF - October 18th, 2008

I'm pissed, spelt with a capital pissed. Why? I've been banned from reviewing for five days by M-Bot, because a knob cheese reported me for abuse. A knob cheese because his "submission" was a loop of 4 seconds of feedback and white noise called "FK U I'M m1dy", whilst the description was just an insuult towards my sexuality. As a response I reviewed saying "No sir, f*ck you, love and peace." and leaving 0 stars, which was instantly deleted and I was banned. What pissed me off further though was he had a decent audio submission or two under his belt, and had chosen consciously to inflict ear rape (ironic as he has one piece called drag strip fuck) on the NGAP masses. As a NGAP user who spends hours making submissions, hours recovering audio pieces and lots of money on recording software for contributions to other artists, needless to say I have sworn holy war.

Still, i am glad to say i have the last laugh as his highest rating is 4.00 and 50% of my submissions are above the 4.00 mark. This does not however mean that my wrath on death-9 will not be just and all destructive.